No Food but Flu

Flu season is here.. sometime you definitely not looking forward especially with kids at home.
I started not feeling well last Friday evening and have been sick since then and hubby started to pick up my stomach flu yesterday.. so no cooking, no eating for the whole weekend but depends on milk and oatmeal to survive in the last couple days.

Thanksgiving is almost here, some of you might be start preparing the family feast to celebrate the holidays, for us who don't celebrate, usually looking forward the holiday break to catch up some rest and sleep and shopping especially the day after thanksgiving.

This year.. we are heading home for the holidays.. home I mean Malaysia.. leaving on 21st, mean not much cooking and baking for this coming week but shopping, packing and house cleaning before we leave.

I am so looking forward to this trip especially all the comfort food. First time traveling with toddler, hope I pack enough food and toys to entertain him and at the same time i could some rest.

So see ya in 3 week with more food and trip info.

Bubur Cha Cha

My friend's son was celebrating his Big One this Sunday, so I helped prepare one of the Malaysia specialty sweet soup Bubur Cha Cha. In Hong Kong they usually cook it with Taro and sago, but Malaysia version we put sweet potatoes, taro and sago. It's has been a while since I had this yummy soup kinda miss it.

To make the dish looks more colorful, I used Japenese sweet potatoes ( yellow), American sweet potatoes or yam ( orange), taro and sago. There are many way to cook this dish. my family use to steam all the roots until they become tender before they add everything in the sweet soup base. Some people put everything in the pot and cook until the roots get tender. I find that American sweet potatoes we get from regular groceries store tend to get soft and mushy quicker then the sweet potatoes we get from Asian. So to prepare this, I cook the Japaneses sweet potatoes and taro over night with my slow cooker and finish up the reminding ingredients on stove the next morning before the event.

Here are the ingredients I used:

  • Japanese sweet potaoes ( yellow)
  • American sweet potatoe or yam ( orange)
  • Taro
  • Sago
  • Sugar to taste
  • Thick coconut milk
  • Water

One Saturday Morning

This past Saturday was our 4th wedding anniversary and hubby prepared this wonderful stuff scallop, croissants and scrambled egg breakfast to start the day. It was delicious and healthy breakfast. Love it and thanks hon for the wonderful meal. Wish I can have it every week :)

According to the anniversary gift suggestion, the traditional gift for 4th anniversary is Fruit or Flowers. So in returned, I "prepared" this fruit basket for hubby. Oh wait.. actually I order it from Edible Arrangement. It is called the Perfect Pear. The fruit basket consist of strawberries, pineapple daisy, grapes and my favorite chocolate dipper pear. The basket looks kinda different from the picture showed on their website but overall I am happy with the this order. I wish I can spend some time to make my own though.. maybe one day..

Chosun Koren BBQ

Last week, a friend of us paid us a visit from Singapore just for a day trip drive all the way from Iowa to KS. It was so nice of him to squeeze out his busy schedule to visit us. Since he has been in KC for so many time, we didn't bring him to all usual visitor location but just spent some time relax and chat at home and of course to play the little one. For dinner, since I have been craving for hot and spicy food lately, we decided to try one of new Korean BBQ Chugon close to out house. This place serve main the the BBQ dish but they do have some soup and appetizer like dumpling etc. Besides bulgugi, we don't really have any korean BBQ dish in the past.. so after check out the fancy menu with pictuce.. we order the BBQ COMBO which consist of Rib and sirloin steak and a bow of soup with share.
As usually the order come many side dishes which include salad, daikon kimchi, nappa cabbage kimchi, soy sauce beanspout and bean cake, cucumber Kimchi and fried chillies anchovies.
Everyone was served with a bowl of rice with a coleslaw salad.

For the BBQ plater, we were served 2 marinated rib and some thinly slice sirloin, mushroom and some onion. This combo was for 2 people serving, within an additional bowl of soup I think it's perfect for 3, not to mention the refill for the sides are free.

Overall, I like enjoy the meal. The food served were not too spicy and the service were great.

Calling all baking expert!

Hubby has been requesting me to bake egg tart since I started this blog. After N months finally I manage to get the tart mold and put myself together to work on this egg tart recipes I collected long long time ago.
So here are my first egg tarts..
what a total failure and disaster.

The pastry sink after baking and leave no room for the custard. I think I should make is as thin as possible but was wonder why it shrink :(
As for the custard, do you think I over bake them. The egg mixture wasn't whisk well as you still can still the egg while in the custard.. What a disappointed egg tart!