Calling all baking expert!

Hubby has been requesting me to bake egg tart since I started this blog. After N months finally I manage to get the tart mold and put myself together to work on this egg tart recipes I collected long long time ago.
So here are my first egg tarts..
what a total failure and disaster.

The pastry sink after baking and leave no room for the custard. I think I should make is as thin as possible but was wonder why it shrink :(
As for the custard, do you think I over bake them. The egg mixture wasn't whisk well as you still can still the egg while in the custard.. What a disappointed egg tart!


Little Corner of Mine said...

I'm not an expert here, but just want to ask, did you sieve the custard mixture before pouring in to bake?

cocoa said...

yes i did. the recipe said light whisk the egg, so i only give it a few stir, i wonder maybe i should whisk it well make sure the egg yolk mixed well with the white before i sieve it.

Oh do you know why the crust shrunk after baking?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yes, I do think you should whisk it well before you sieve, but I have no idea why the crust shrunk. Sorry, no expert here, hope others can help!

Amelia said...

Hi, I think you overwork the dough that's why it shrink and overall it's over baked and temperature too high.
Just to share with you my egg tart recipe.
Pastry: Flour 240 gm / butter 125 gm
cold water 2 tbsp / 1 egg yolk / 4 tbsp icing sugar / custard powder 2 tbsp.
Sieve the flour,custard powder, icing sugar together. Cut the butter into small cube and use your finger tips to mix till resemble bread crumbs. Beat the yolk lightly and mix into the flour mixture and add cold water. Knead lightly till the dough is from and pliable. Do not over knead the dough. Roll out the dough and cut with a round cutter, then press lightly into the egg tart mould. Prick lightly with a fork and bake 160c for 10 mins. Remove from oven and fill with custard and baked 20 to 25 min at 160 c. ( Adjust temp according to oven,)

Custard filling:
4 eggs / 16 tbsp water / 8 tbsp fresh milk / sugar 150 gm / vanilla essence 1/2 tsp / 3 tsp custard powder.

Mix the water,milk, sugar and boil lightly till sugar melt. Beat the egg lightly with a fork, add custard powder and mix well. Pour 1/3 of the milk into the egg mixture and stir well to temper the egg. Then pour the entire milk mixture into the egg and mix well. Sieve the egg mixture to remove any lumps before used. Enjoy.

cocoa said...


Thanks for your comment and recipe. Will give it a try when I get back from my trip

Rasa Malaysia said...

You should try my Portuguese egg tarts recipe, it's fail-proof! I guarantee!