Pumpkin Patch visits

Have been in the state for almost 11 years now and this is my visit to Pumpkin Patch. Well... or I should say our first visit because it was the first for me, hubby and Aidan. After checking out the pumpkin patch available near our area, we decided to go to Powell Pumpkin Patch located at Louisburg, KS for a few reasons:

  • Where original where the pumpkin grow, not those vendor selling pumpkin by the street and call themselves pumpkin patch
  • Somewhere not too far from where we live
  • FREE admission because we are cheap? oh well we just don't why they charge admission fee to enter the pumpkin patch.
Besides approximately 35 acres of pumpkin field you can pick you own pumpkin, they also have some mini pumpkins and squashes available to purchase. They also have some stacking hays for picture, straw men display and maze for the kid.
Too bad that Aidan is too young for the fun.. all he really enjoy was playing with those tiny little pumpkin and people watching.
The price for the you pick pumpkin ranges from $1 to $7. For the mini pumpkin and squashed is 3 for a dollar. I think they are pretty reasonable but to me, the most if important of the trip is to joy of picking the pumpkin together and take some nice family pictures.
We never celebrate Halloween in the past, but for this year, we decided to get a medium size pumpkin as the a souvenir from the trip and display it on our porch. Looks kinda weird with just 1 pumpkin on the porch but hey what the heck :)Maybe I make more time to play for my next halloween.

It was a great experience and would definitely return again next year for more fun.


Puspha said...

Thanx for sharing the pix.

Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

Eh...family photo, where are you? Fast fast ask Ivan to cut and paste your pic into the pic.

Aidan must be enjoying himself very very much huh!

cocoa said...

puspha, thanks for stopping by :)

Yeah mommy joanna, these picture were from my camera lah.. those stupid 1 snap shot camera, the family picture are ( use because maybe we just 3 haa) all in Ivan high tech camera, so need some polish before viewing.. but will post it on our site lor..

Little Corner of Mine said...

I have yet to visit one! Eventhough I don't really know what to do with a pumpkin, but I should really bring my girls there just for the experience hor? Hmmm...maybe next year!

cocoa said...

haa.. yes, i have no clue what to do with so we just bought one and now sitting in front of my porch. We don't even put up and Halloween decoration so it looks kinda odd with 1 pumpkin hee...

Little Corner of Mine said...

One question, if I do go, do I have to buy something there? I never buy pumpkin before with the same reason as yours. But since you already bought one, maybe after tomorrow, you can cut it open and make pumpkin soup/pie/cake/cupcakes with it?

cocoa said...

Hmm... i don't really like pumpkin or pumpkin pie so i think i am just going leave it there or carve it for decoration.

I don't think you have to buy anything. In fact many pumpkin patch do charge entrance fee but those usually has some corn maze, hay ride and petting zoo for the kid to enjoy. The one I went it's free. They do have some hay ride and maze for the kid to play and picnic area too but i think it may not be as fancy as the other one.