Stir Fry Chinese Spinach with Dried Shrimp

Chinese Spinach also known as Red Amaranth is one of my favorite vegetable I like to buy every time I saw this available in the Asian store. This veggie not only taste good but also good source of vitamins and minerals to your body.Click here to learn more about Amaranth.

Usually there are only couple way that my family love to cook this veggie. One is to cook this with Anchovies soup based with some fish ball and fish cake. Another is to stir fry it with dried or fresh shrimps. Here's the stir fry version and it's very simple.. all you need are some chopped garlic, dried shrimp, Chinese Spinach, a little mixture of corn starch and water as the thickening agent and some salt to taste. I like the veggie to be i usually let the dish simmer for a minute or 2 before
adding the cornstarch mixture.

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