No Food but Flu

Flu season is here.. sometime you definitely not looking forward especially with kids at home.
I started not feeling well last Friday evening and have been sick since then and hubby started to pick up my stomach flu yesterday.. so no cooking, no eating for the whole weekend but depends on milk and oatmeal to survive in the last couple days.

Thanksgiving is almost here, some of you might be start preparing the family feast to celebrate the holidays, for us who don't celebrate, usually looking forward the holiday break to catch up some rest and sleep and shopping especially the day after thanksgiving.

This year.. we are heading home for the holidays.. home I mean Malaysia.. leaving on 21st, mean not much cooking and baking for this coming week but shopping, packing and house cleaning before we leave.

I am so looking forward to this trip especially all the comfort food. First time traveling with toddler, hope I pack enough food and toys to entertain him and at the same time i could some rest.

So see ya in 3 week with more food and trip info.


Little Corner of Mine said...

How nice! Have a fun and safe trip home and remember to eat whatever you miss, don't have to worry about the weight while in M'sia. Btw, the airplane got toys for toddler too.

Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

Have a pleasant trip back :) Bring more singlet here is hot!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and family!