Jimmy Dean Croissant Sandwich Breakfast

Every morning before heading out to work, usually I will have milk and cereal for my early morning breakfast. For the weekend breakfast, I will try to treat myself a little extra besides milk and cereal. So last weekend, I have my first Jimmy Dean Croissant Sandwich breakfast. It was on sales at Costco a week ago and I decided to give it a try. After all 80 cents for a croissant breakfast sound like a good deal to me.

The box contains 12 medium size individual packed of sandwiches. Each sandwich contains egg, sausage and cheese. Based on the box instruction, the sandwich should be defrost from the freezer and reheat in the microwave in high for 50 second. Since I like my croissant crispy, I decided to heat it with my little toaster oven in high for 15 minutes. Voila… my delicious breakfast is ready to be served.

Overall, I like it. Taste great and the size is reasonable. Will I buy it in the future? Yes only with discounted price :)

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Anonymous said...

I am in shock that you wrote about this....i googled for a recipe and somehow your blog came up. Please go out and enjoy the beautiful earth. Drunk and concerned in Minnesota (-9 right now).