Let's get started

I have been lurking around some food and travel related blogs for the past few weeks. Finally, i can't stop myself to create one of my own. Ta da..... this is it! Hello world!

I don't know what type of topic to post here but one thing for sure, I would like to share all my cooking experiences and my favorite recipes here.

To start of yesterday night was my second attempt of making sweet tofu pudding ( tofu fa). I got this very simple recipes from one of my inspired blog chowtime.com. The first attempt was a total
failure, as the the pudding did not get settle right, so I figured I might be done something wrong. I decided to try again yesterday night after dinner while I was waiting for me son's to wake up from his evening nap. This time I did see some improvement but the pudding was hard enough for me to scoop it with a spoon. Need help!


Ben said...

A good start cocoa! We started the same way too. Let me know if you have any questions on blogging in general ... not just about food. We can learn so much from each other.

cocoa said...

Yay... my first visitor. Ben, thanks for stopping by.