Aidan's 1st Birthday Party

After patiently waiting for weeks.. finally the pictures are here! It's Aidan BIG One party. The party was held at our house 3 weeks ago. Our original plan was to invite couple neighbors and friends to have an afternoon tea snack time party but we ended up with around 40 guests including kids and adults.

This was my first time planning for a birthday party, so the planning started long long time ago, maybe a few months back. Kids birthday party is so different between here in the State and Malaysia. Besides the food, we also need to prepare some games, some goodies bag for the guest to take home as a thanks you gift.

Simple Animal Decoration: I chose Zoo Animal as the party theme. I made some animal from the poster board and place them in Aidan's play room.

For the Food:
Since it's afternoon tea party, all the food served were finger friendly food and kids friendly. Even though some people said that usually the first birthday party are more for adults but you will be surprise your 1 year old child may enjoy the food as mush as you do. At least for aidan, he love the tuna sandwich and the fruit.

melting momemt cookie with lemon icing filling

Tuna Sandwiches with sweet radish and mayonnaise

Store bought popcorn chicken

Mixed Fruit Skewer
Hotdog wrap

The Birthday Cake:
Simple chocolate and Yellow cupcakes with animal print.

The cake turn out quite alright. I wish I can spend more time on decorating the cake.

The goodies Bag filled with books, crafts and animal crackers. I don't have a picture for the the bag but i must say this is the most headache process because i have to think what to put in the bag based on their age and gender.

Overall, the party went really well. Aidan was very enjoy meeting with all the friends and was having fun playing with his friend.
Besides, he decided to break the traditions where rather digging in the birthday by himself, he decided the share the joy with mommy and daddy but sharing his cake icing with us. Check out how he thanks me on preparing this wonderful below.


Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

wow, great job, yummie food!!! Can i engage you to be Kelvin's Big One party organiser? haha! Favor favor, the most headache part, i fully agree with you!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Excellent! Nice finger food and your animals cut out are so cute! Your colorful mixed stick fruit are such a nice centerpiece too.