Bacon Fried Rice

Do you have any special fried rice story to share? I remember in one of my team meeting, we were chatting about food. One of my American co-worker mentioned that his Chinese friend add hot dog in his fried rice then the rest of the team was laughing and think that funny. Maybe to American, this is something new or odd, who would have though of hot dog fried rice combination?? To be frank, I have been adding hot dog in my fried rice since I was in college.

Last week, we have some left over rice, no hot dog or any meat left in the fridge but some left over bacon. So this is my new creation as suggested from my hubby - Bacon Fried Rice with eggs and mix veggie.

Keen to share your unusual ingredients to prepare a simple fried rice?


tigerfish said...

Oh yes, I have added hot dog(sausage) to my fried rice too! Is it weird? Well, the italians add sausage to their pasta too! So, why not?
It gives so much flavor!

cocoa said...

haa.. you are so right!! I wasn't seem sure what's weird about it but i guess some people just think the only to eat hotdog is with bun haa...