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Another MEME from LCOM. Here it goes.

The rule to the e-mail was that, once you have been hit, you have to hit 5 pretty Moms, including the one who thought of you today & sent it to you. The idea is that if you get hit again, You will know you are really pretty!

So I thought lets just turn this into a tag instead. But that “hit” part won’t work very well in a tag. So instead of giving a “hit” to the one who tag you, you add your name at the bottom of the tagged persons list, and without bumping the person at the top or bumping anyone off and let the list grow. Hit 5 pretty moms on your list to let them know they are pretty!

Before I was a mum;
I used have at least 8 hours or more sleep a day.

Before I was a mum;
I enjoyed watching TV shows like survivor, Apprentice,Amazing Race, FoodNetwork, HGTV. Now we don't even subscribe to any TV network

Before I was a mum;

Hubby and I traveled quite bit when we get the chance

Before I was a mum;
I used to shop for myself and never thought how much I am saving by getting the kids cloths few seasons ahead

Before I was a mum;
I didn't know Target has 75% clearance on toys twice a year! Now I stocked up toys for presents and for my kid whenever there are sales and clearance.

Before I was a mum;
Hubby and I eat at any place we want, when we return to malaysia we enjoyed hawker food by the street and now we always looks for kids friendly restaurant or places with air conditioned especially in Malaysia when eating out.

The first chain of tag:

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I would like to tag the following pretty moms :


Little Corner of Mine said...

You need to let me know when is the next Target 75% clearance on toys okay? I'm very bad at saving $$$.

cocoa said...

LCOM, haa... sure.. i think the next round is sometime in July time frame :)

Sweetiepie said...

Before i was a mum i love travel too but now i don't even have a chance :(.

cocoa said...

Sweetiepie, thanks for stopping my blog. Don't think we can wait for the chance, we just have to make it happen.. start saving now and plan for a big trip when the kids get a little older :) Cheers!

Lee Ping (mrshbt) said...

It is an honor to be on your list of pretty Moms. Thanks...

p/s What a great tip on 75% clearance on toys in Target! Don't we women love a good sale?