Whole Wheat Yogurt Bread

This is one of my favorite recipe I found from KC forum that I would like to share with you. The original recipe use bread flour to product a white yogurt bread, Since I have some whole wheat flour left just enough for this recipe, I decided to finish up the wheat flour with this Whole Wheat Yogurt Bread.
This recipe produce a very soft loaf of bread and the bread remain soft after 3 days without any bread improver. Due to the yogurt content, I must said that this bread is actually quite sweet compare to milk loaf, therefore it's actually taste pretty good eating it plain or with minimum spread.

This is my adapted version. I reduce the recipe into half due to my bread machine capacity. Instead of using
vanilla sugar and plain yogurt, I replaces it vanilla yogurt.

( click here to view original recipe in French language)

  • 1 beaten egg ( room temperature)
  • 62.5g vanilla yogurt
  • 160ml the whole milk
  • ~32.5g sugar
  • 250g whole wheat flour
  • 1 tsp yeast dry
  • 2 tsp butter ( room temperature)
  • Put everything in the order listed above or according to your bread machine manual.
  • Set to dough function for the first 20 minutes.
  • Then set to auto program for whole wheat bread 1.5lb with light crust to finish the rest of the baking process.

A simple meal I prepare to pair with this wonderful bread. Ham sandwich with swiss cheese, lettuce tomatoes, mayonnaise and some slice avocados. Yum yum..What a healthy meal for the whole family.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Ok cool, I should give this recipe a try! Now, I just buy the bread because too lazy to make. :P

Aimei said...

Hi, first time visiting your blog. Lovely bakes you have. :) I like whole wheat bread and will try it once i get my bread machine. ;)

cocoa said...

Aimei, Thanks for visiting my blog. Please do try the recipe when you get a chance. it's a lovely loaf!

Yuri said...

Hi cocoa, I baked this bread earlier but it didn't rise, it looks like quick bread. I was too full and disappointed to taste it. Not sure when I went wrong, but with half a packet of whole wheat flour remaining, I shall experiment again...

cocoa said...

Yuri, Hmm... wonder what's wrong with your bread. This bread is pretty good . Maybe you can try to mix in some bread flour instead of using all wheat. Usually i will do 1 portion of bread flour with 2 portion of wheat to get a softer wheat loaf.