Spice Pork Soba with Dumpling 五香肉荞麦面条

After reading various way of eating Soba from teczcape - an escape to Food, I decided to come up one with my own. Prepare this over a weekday dinner and in less than 30 minutes... impress??

Recipe?? yes yes.. how can I miss that.


  • some blanched lettuce head
  • Cook soba
  • cook package dumpling
  • A can of spice pork cube
Get everything heat up on your stove or microwave.. 30 minutes later tada.a.. Honey dinner is ready!


Little Corner of Mine said...

That certainly is a quick and no mess dinner. Not sure whether my family fancy this dark color soba?

tigerfish said...

What kind of soba is that? Why is it so dark ?

Just treat soba like normal noodles and they can have so many variants. Well, that's when you are a soba-lover like me!

cocoa said...

hmm I do realized about the color of the noodle too. buckwheat noodle is what it said on the package and I got it from a Korean store.

Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

i will try this this weekend. Looks so yummielicious!!! Make me hungry now!!!

Terence love soba very much, and i love udon more...hahaha! so both of us wont fight over for a bowl of soba or udon.