Co-worker A brought some Figs to the office yesterday for us to try. I had never tried a fig before and was not originally plan to try.

After a few emails floating around within team with these comments,

Co-worker B, C, D and E all gave them a resounding "hey! ... they're not awful".

E said “I rather liked them personally - better than 'not awful' :-)”

Response from my manager “Ugh” and in return from co-worker A for my boss response “Says the guy that likes a glass of grapefruit juice with chocolate cake :)”

I couldn’t resist myself to try it out.

My response: “ No too bad, quite sweet”

So the next question is would I buy it for snack?

Answer: Maybe not, but when I come across a better way to enjoy this fruit in some dessert form, I will surely it.

Out of my curiosity, so I google the nutrition fact for this fruit and found that Fig is high in dietary Fiber, good source of calcium, sodium free, cholesterol free and fat free fruit. This is a prefect fruit for those who are trying to loose weight. More information can be found in World Healthiest Food website. Maybe I should include Fig as one of my fruit shopping list.


Lee Ping said...

Dear Cocoa,

This is really spooky, I was going to blog about fig because it is one of my favorite foods. I like the purple and also the green kind.

We really have a lot in common.

cocoa said...

hee... this is interesting, maybe we can read each other mind:) I need to check out your blog about Fig. looks like there are quite nutritious, planning to get some for aidan and hubby to try coz they never try that as well.
I am trying to get Aidan use to all different type of food, be adventurous :)

Lee Ping said...

I am waiting for my friends and neighbors to send some figs to my house. They have fig trees in their back yard.

The store sells them as well, they are either over-ripe or under-ripe. Not cheap either.

My husband does not like the texture of figs. Little Dragon (6 yrs old) loves fig as much as I do. I will let Little Chicken (almost 2 yrs old) try fig soon. I think she will like it because she loves fruits, in general.