Todai Seafood Buffet at Schaumburg IL

It was about 5 years back when we went to Todai for the first at LA location. Since then the restaurant become our favorite place to go every time we travel to city where this place can be found somewhere within the close distance.
Hubby and I are seafood maniac, can't blame us because we both from a country where we can have seafood in every meal and now we are in the middle of the great plain where we are no way close to the sea and the seafood are costly and limited choice.

Basically there are 4 stations for food you can start with.
Cold food station consists of premix salads, raw oysters, shrimp cocktail, sushi and sashimi.

Hot food station served all kind of Japanese Udon, Ramen, fried rice and noodles, BBQ Rib and all variety of cooked seafood.

Salad and fruits station loaded with all different kind of fruits, cheese and veggies
Last and not least the dessert station served all type of dessert where there are oriental flavor or western flavor.
We had a blast with the long waiting seafood and sushi meal with 1 exception surprise that my husband think I should blog about this. It was Aidan's first paid meal! 1 cent for children 3ft or under. I guess I do need to pay for the hot water to heat up the milk.

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Lee Ping said...

I can't believe they charged one cent for Aidan. I don't understand why they even bother. We love Todai but usually go there for lunch.