Pine & Bamboo Garden Shawnee Kansas

There aren't many authentic Chinese restaurants you can find in Kansas City area. Pine Bamboo Restaurant is one of a few restaurants in this area which serve decent authentic Chinese food. This is the second time we had our dinner there and I must say I like it better than first time. When we eat in Chinese restaurant, usually we will order something we don't made from home such as deep fry or a very strong taste dishes. This time we ordered 3 dishes to try.

Pork Chop in Peking Sauce
Crispy Tofu Spicy Salty Seasoning
Salty Fish Egg Plant with Meat Floss

We waited quite a bit before the foods arrive but the waitress did inform me that because we are ordering special Chinese food as opposed to the regular Chinese menu, it was very nice of her. I do recommend this restaurant if you in the area and looking for authentic Chinese food.

The also serve Dim Sum during the weekend between 11am - 3pm. So far I think their dim sum is the best you can find in Kansas City.

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Elena said...

Same as me. We like to order food that we don't usually cook at home like deep-fried food.