Alternative Way to Cook Yu Choy

Not sure this is because I am living in the mid west or what, every weekend before heading to oriental groceries store, I already know what to expect from there in terms of Chinese vegetables selection. The basic selections that are always available all year long are: baby bak choy, yu choy, gai lan and bak choy. Once a while you can get some decent quality kangkung, Gai Choy, Chinese celery, etc.

Getting tired of stir frying green vegetables with oyster sauce but can’t think of any other best way to cook. So this week, the new experiment was stir fry chinese mustard green with canned vegetarian abalone. This is very simple dish; all you need is a can of canned vegetarian selection and some green leafy vegetables.


Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

Mix veggie with canned vegetarian dishes taste yummie. I did that too :) Also, i uses the gravy that come along with the canned veggie to make the dish taste a bit different than the usual oyster sauce.Yummie

cocoa said...

Yup you are right... getting so tired of oyster sauce all the time :)