My First Tropical Fruit Agar-Agar

While I was researching party food for my son's up coming birthday party, agar-agar was the first thing pop into my mind. It has be a while since I had my last taste of agar-agar and I don't quite remember how to make this simple dessert. I decided to do a little experiment before the event. Picked up the agar-agar strip from the oriental and didn't even realized that nowadays people actually using agar-agar powder instead. Hunting for the recipe online but most of the recipe used agar-agar powder. At last, I followed the instruction provided at the back of the package except the fruits and this is what I come up with. what do you think?

Hubby thought they taste ok but I wasn't really happy with the result. I think the agar-agar were little too hard and wasn't impress with flavor. Feel kinda silly that I don't even know how make a simple dessert like this. hmmm...

Can you tell what agar-agar mold I use?

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