Hubby play with the food

It was a tiring Saturday evening after all the grocery shopping, house cleaning cleaning and food preparation for the up coming week. Hubby found a tuna rice recipe from one my chinese cookbook collection. He suggested that maybe we just cook something easy for dinner that night. I wasn't in mood for cooking and eating, anything can keep my stomach satisfy, I am happy. So hubby was tasked to cook Tuna Rice for dinner.

About 45 minutes later... Dinner is ready!

My comment: Thanks for the dinner Honey. But this is not really my favorite dish. I think the rice and tuna are quite plain and flavorless. Sorry :(


Lee Ping said...

Dear Cocoa,

Did he garnish the plate as well?

I always eat my hubby's food, good or bad. A little encouragement goes a long way....

cocoa said...

haa... yeah he did for the photo purpose hee..He is not that kind of person who enjoy cooking but he does cook when I wasn't in mood for cooking:)