Dried Oyster and Chicken Porridge

Wanted to cook something simple for another lazy Sunday afternoon and thought of the dried oyster and roast pork hock porridge my aunt used cook in Malaysia. When I was young, I don't really the dried oyster flavor except this porridge. Since I wasn't able to get the roasted pork hock, I replaced the roasted pork hock with chicken breast to make it more healthy and less oily.


  • * Rice
  • * Water
  • * Dried Oyster
  • * Chicken breast
  • * Soy sauce and pepper for marinate
  • * Salt to taste
  • I marinated my chicken breast with some soy sauce and pepper for about 30 minutes and put the remaining ingredient into my rice cooker.
  • Select porridge function.
  • Serve with some green onions and diced century egg

1 comment:

tigerfish said...

I never added dried oyster in my porridge before but I tasted it long time ago and love it!