Whole Wheat Milk Loaf

This is my bread of the week- Whole Wheat Milk Loaf recipe taken from my previous Milk Loaf with minor adjustment.
Besides replacing the gluten flour with whole wheat flour, I also use the sweet dough function instead of the basic loaf function to get a lighter crust
The loaf come out perfect as I expected except it was almost half size smaller than the white bread. I was thinking maybe I should increase the ingredients to 1.5 more on my next loaf but this loaf is seriously quite fulfilling because of its' rich and dense texture. 2 slices of bread can actually stop me from snacking until my lunch time.
Just want to share with you my Saturday morning breakfast. Whole wheat kaya toast with a cup of white coffee. oo. wait.. It was 1/2 cup of white coffee. Try to avoid caffeine if possible but sometime I just need some coffee to get my day started.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks great! While pregnant with Edda, I had a cup of coffee each morning, just can't stay away from my cup of coffee!

cocoa said...

Yeah i think it's ok to take coffee as long as within the daily limit.. well, try to avoid as much as possible mainly just want to make myself feel better haa