An Edible Cinnamon Raisin Loaf

Usually hubby and I will have a glass of milk with cereal for breakfast before we leave to work. This week as we ran out of milk, I decided to bake a loaf of bread with the remaining ingredient I had on hand. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl loaf has been one of my favorite bread of all time. I usually just love it eat it plain. After some googling online, I found a recipe with quite a bit positive reviews and raving about how soft the bread and flavorful the loaf is and the recipe are quite simple and straight forward. So right after I reach home from work around 6pm, I quietly prepare and load all the ingredient into the breadmachine to make sure the bread is done before my time to bed. This time I experiment my loaf with ½ all purpose flour and ½ gluten flour because I want to see what’s the end result of using all purpose flour.

3 hours later, voila.. The bread is ready. It looks ok.. the loaf is soft and raised well when fresh out from the machine. Hubby and I take a few small bites to taste the loaf and we both think that the texture of the loaf was a bit dense and does not smell as good as the milk loaf I baked few days ago. Well I do not expect the loaf to smell as good as the milk loaf as this loaf as much less ingredient compare to the one. But overall, it was ok. At least edible haa.. No recipe post for this loaf as I am not planning to keep this recipe but continue my bread baking experiment with other recipes.

Next week, I will have my GCT (Glucose Challenge Test) for to check for gestational diabetes. My friend told me to avoid taking any sweets 10 days before the test, so I can pass the test. ( I failed the 1 hour test but passed the 3 hours test on my first pregnancy). I really home I can pass the 1 hours test and skip the 3 hours test this time.. it was really a pain to stay in the lap for 4 hours and have the technician drew my blood every hour. Do you think taking less breads and cakes this week will helps? I wanted to try the sponge cup cake recipe and a panda sponge cake recipes so badly in the past few weeks and I just can’t make time to do it. Thinking of trying it this weekend, or should I wait until I pass my test?


Little Corner of Mine said...

Since you failed the 1 hour test the last time, I would suggest you to wait. No harm in waiting for one more week. It's better than enduring another 3 hours test right? You can bake the sponge cake right after the 1 hour test.

Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

wei wei wei..this one looks so yummie!!! Cinnamon loaf, my favourite. But hardly can find one nice cinnamon loaf here, coz they very stingy on the cinnamon, so most of the so called cinnamon loaf doesn't have cinnamon smell...duh!

Hopefully when we move into our new house, i can set up a small corner in kitchen for me to play.

cocoa said...

LCOM, haa.. i wish i can bake anything the hour after the hour test hee.. unfortunately, i need to spend the rest of the day in my office working.. but if i pass the 1 hours test, i would be so relief for the rest if the months.

Joanne, will you able to get the pepperidge farm cinnammon swirl loaf from local groceries store? There are pretty good and pricey for sure. Yes, when you move to your new house, you should start a small corner as your food lab.