Hokkaido Milk Loaf

This is another wonderful milk loaf recipe that I would definitely keep and recommend to everyone. Another thanks to for LCOM recommending this recipe in her blog. The loaf came out lovely, soft and fluffy just like the one you can get it from most of the Asian bakery store back home.

At first I was a bit worry about the loaf getting harden without the bread improver and I was wrong.The loaf remain soft and tasty even after the 3rd days. Yum! Yum! it's all I can say about it.

Since this recipe have been try and proven by so many fellow bloggers, everyone seems to have their own way to bake the loaf and this is how my bake mine.

Ingredients (Click here for original recipes)

  • 125g whole milk (warm)
  • 75g heavy cream (warm)
  • 1/2 tsp + 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 large egg room temperature
  • 40g sugar
  • 270g gluten flour
  • 30g cake flour
  • 5g dry yeast
  • 15g milk powder


  • Put everything in the bread machine in the order listed above or according to you bread machine instruction.
  • Set to dough function for the first 20 minutes.
  • Then set to auto program for sweet function 1.5lb with light crust to finish the rest of the baking process.
  • 3 hour later … VOILA! The loaf is ready.


Little Corner of Mine said...

This is better than the one just using milk right? This one is sure softer. Now, with the heavy cream, you should try my cream scones recipe!

cocoa said...

LCOM, I like both recipes very much but hubby prefer the other one because of the buttery flavor. I am thinking adding some butter to this recipe for my next experiment. Haa.. this is scary.. you started to read my mind already? I have been thinking in the last few days on what to do with the left over heavy cream hee.. your suggestion sound like a good idea. Never made scones before, need to check out your recipe today.

Yuri said...

Just wanted to share my joy about this recipe! It's an absolute winner! I added about 50g of butter when I stopped the breadmaker after the first 10 minutes of kneading and restarted it. I baked it in the oven as I don't like the thick crust. It's so good, I made this recipe twice today! Boy, was it soft and tasty and I had one piece to many today.

Anonymous said...

The steps are easy and result was fabulous! My second time trying to make this bread and turns out great. (First time using a different recipe and steps turned out a flop.) I'm a novice in bread making. With this success, I'm excited to try other recipes. Thanks.