Chicago here we come

The long weekend is finally here, 1 more day to go and we are outta here. I have been looking forward this trip since January. This is not the first trip to Chicago; In fact, we have been there for so many times. So what's makes the trip so special this time? Traveling with a 9th month old baby. This is my son's first road trip. Without my son, it take us about 9 hours to get there, so I will find out how long it take us to get there this time. Everyone wish us luck when they were told we are heading to Chicago with a baby in the car. I have been hearing all the "horror' story about driving with a baby. I hope I am fully prepared and will try to take it easy.

Our main purpose for the trip is all about food and shopping. Hubby has been craving for Japanese seafood buffet since last year, one place that we definitely will not miss is Todai the Japanese seafood buffet. Next stop - IKEA. We love shopping at IKEA, too bad they don't have any plan to open one near our area, driving 9 hours to get there is quite painful. So I better enjoy myself while I am there.

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