Mother's Day Menu

The day started with home cook comfort food Abalone Chicken Porridge serve with some pickle mustard green for lunch.
Follow by Chinese herbal soup consist of Dong Quai aka female ginseng, goji, red dates and chicken. This soup is a special treat for myself.
It was a hot sunny day, spending all day out site working on the fence were not fun. So I made hubby a glass of icy cold limeade with preserved plum. This is my favorite drink. Adding the preserved plum and honey balanced the sourness from the lime.
For dinner, we cooked the dish we prepared from the meal center- Southwest Chicken Wrap. All I need to do is place everything in my multiple purpose rice cookers and set the timer to 5 hours.

The sauce is a little salty taste, so I added some lettuce and cheese on top to kick it up a notch.

Viola.. Dinner is ready.

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Lee Ping said...

I can tell you are a good homemaker. Porridge, Herbal Soup, lemonade with sour plum. Yum! I better reflect and start to pamper my husband more.