Let's Dish!

My mother's day celebration started on Saturday May 12. In stead of the usual celebration meal at some restaurant, my husband suggested to try the meal assembly centers found in town and maybe pack for a whole weeks of meals, so I can have a weekend off from preparing and cooking lunches and dinners. Loves this idea as I can take a break from spinning my head trying to figure out what's for dinner. Besides, we also started our summer home maintenance project - re-staining the fence and windows fixing, we may not have any time to cook this weekend as my hubby will be spending most of the time outdoor washing and painting.

Before the weekend, hubby has been doing some research for menu and details about the meal assembly center information. There are plenty of centers near by our house: Social Suppers, Let's Dish!, Meal Makers and Super Suppers. Since we are new this thing, we didn't know that we have to sign up for a certain session to prepare the meal. After all the last minutes of scrambling due to the fact that the center that we planed to attend was closed for the whole month of May, we managed to find an open spot at Let's Dish!.

Wasted no time, we hopped into to car and headed to the center. My son Aidan fell asleep in the car while we trying to figure the location of the center. Made a couple phone calls and finally we arrived in the center. We registered the 4 meals menu. According to them, each full size meal can serve up to 6 individual and we can split them into half if we like. We decided to take the split version and start dishing.

The process begin by selecting a recipe we would like to dish then go to the station with the recipe displayed on the counter.
All the ingredient were cut and clean (I assume) and all I have to do was pack them according to the instruction listed on the recipe.
Once all the ingredients are mixed, pack them into a freezer bag or aluminum bowl depends on the dish you order. Label them with you name and the cooking instruction and put them into the designated fridge and continue to the next menu.
It took me about 1 hour to finish 4 dishes + 1 free dish with an online coupon. Total cost $90 + tax. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I was having fun packaging the food as you can see below.

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Lee Ping said...

Your husband is very sweet and you are beautiful!