Farewell Potluck

A friend of mine is moving to Colorado this month and we decided to through a potluck farewell gathering for her. She and her husband was originally from Colorado, moving back to Colorado is like returning home to her plus she is planning stay home with her 9 months old son for a while.How envy is it..I wish I have the options, staying close with my family and stay home with my son so can have more time to blog.
Anyway, Today I would like to share some of the foods we prepared for the gathering.

My creation #1: Chipotle Shrimp Kabob

Before grilling

Ready to eat

My creation #2: Mayonnaise Grill Salmon

Bryan's signature potluck dish: Devil Eggs

Karin's Assorted Pepperidge Farm cookies (I love it!)

Veggie Platter from Karin

A colorful yet refreshing dish Eric and Josephine: Mix Fruit salad

Last but not least, the grilling in progress pictures

It was a great get together before they leave and i wish them all the best and i am sure they will enjoy the nice city and accompany from all the family remember.. and hope we can visit them sometime in the future.

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all foods look delicious! I'll gonna use this options for my guests :)

Mayonnaise Grill Salmon
Devil Eggs
Chipotle Shrimp Kabob