Tick.. Tick.. Tick.. Are We There Yet?

The clock is ticking... but I am still in the office reading some blog, check out some website and waiting to get off from work so we can start driving. So I thought maybe I can post my itinerary for the trip :

4:30PM - Start driving to Iowa, hopefully my son will fall asleep in the car
7:30PM - Dinner at some fast food place
9:30PM - Plan to arrive at Des Moise to meet with my friend and stay for overnight

6AM - Start the trip again...
7:30AM - Breakfast at the Tiffany, oops.. actually some place that serve breakfast by the highway
11AM - Another stop for lunch, and no we are not there yet.
3PM - Check in the hotel and get some rest.....
6PM -Dinner at Todai and back the hotel to recharge...

Sunday - Day trip in Chicago downtown and the great lake....

Monday - Shopping Day

Tueday - Heading home.. another day of driving and driving..( are we home yet?)

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