Tofu Fa - Take 3

Third time's a charm. That's right.. Look at my Tofu fa. Aren't they looks good? Smooth and silky texture, even my 8 month old son loves it. hmm..

Alright, here's the truth. I cheated. I made this from the instant Tofu mix I bought from an Asian store. This mix was recommended from a blogger. Thanks to little corner of mine shared her secret recipe for tofu fa.

I am very excited that the tofu fa turns out great. While I was cooking, I was so afraid that I will screw up again so I carefully review the instruction to make sure I done everything correctly. The cooking process was very simple and the whole process probably takes less then 1 hour from unpacking the mix to ready to serve. Even though I can get this ready mix from the store but I am still interested in learning the original way of cooking tofu Fa. Since my husband and son love it so much, I am planning to try again the original recipe in the future. Until then, instant ready mix definitely can satisfy my craving for it.

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